TAANA Foundation Student Scholarship Grant

If you are a student in law or nursing school with an interest in a nurse attorney career and would like to attend the American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) National Meeting August 16-18, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, consider applying for a TAANA Foundation Student Scholarship Grant.


The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) is hosting its national
conference in Denver on August 16-18, 2018 (see
Nurses who are in law school are invited and may earn nursing CEUs.


APPLY FOR A STUDENT GRANT – The TAANA Foundation invites students to
apply for a limited number of available grants to attend the TAANA Annual
meeting. The grant will cover the full-conference registration fee for nurses
currently in law school (and lawyers in nursing school). Transportation,
accommodations and pre-conference are not included.


Eligible students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity do not have
to be current student members of TAANA and are not required to join.


Students interested should send their grant application to Elizabeth Beall,, the Foundation
Administrator and Treasurer before noon on Friday, August 10th, with a statement
of interest in TAANA and the national conference.

  1. Why you want to attend the TAANA meeting
  2. Your student/graduate status
  3. A statement that you want to apply for the TAANA Foundation Meeting
    Scholarship grant
  4. Your contact information

SPONSOR A STUDENT – We invite TAANA members to make a tax deductible
donation to the Foundation to sponsor additional students. Student
registration is $125
. Please send your donation to the TAANA Foundation
to Elizabeth Beall, 103 Greenwood Drive, Morgantown Town, WV, 26505.

TAANA Board of Directors


Carolyn Dolan, JD, MSN, FNP-BC, PNP-BC
President Elect
Paula Henry, RN, NP, JD
Marc Meyer, RN, JD
Past President
Melanie Balestra, BS, MN, NP, JD
Recording Secretary
Diane Knoblauch, JD, MSN, RN
djk@djklegal.comTerm Expires: 2019
Corresponding Secretary
Susan Matt, PhD, JD, MN, RN, CNE
matts@seattleu.eduTerm Expires: 2019


Mathew Keller, RN, JD
Minneapolis, MN
Term Expires: 2019
Lorie Brown, BSN, MN, JD
lorie@brownlaw1.comTerm Expires: 2019
Katherine Anselmi, JD, PhD, FNP, WHNP-BC
kka26@drexel.eduTerm Expires: 2018
Ronnie McKinnon, RN, JD, CPHRM, CPSO, CPPS
New York
mckinnonronnie@gmail.comTerm Expires: 2018
Kimberly Cleveland, JD, MSN, RN, C-MBC
kimberly.ann.thomas@me.comTerm Expires: 2020
Elieen Talamante, RN, JD
etalamante@goodmanallen.comTerm Expires: 2020
Diane Warlick, RN, BSN, JD
dtwarlick@gmail.comTerm Expires: 2020

Ex-Officio and Associated Representatives

Randi Kopf, RN, MS, JD
Michael Loughran

Board of Directors

(From January 2018; Left front: Diane Knoblauch, Marc Meyer, Michael Loughran, Paula Henry, Ronnie McKinnon; Right front: Kimberly Cleveland, Carolyn Dolan, Melanie Balestra, Robert Ranieri)


(From January 2018; Left front: Kimberly Cleveland, Ronnie McKinnon, Melanie Balestra, Elieen Talamante; Left Back: Marc Meyer, Michael Loughran, Robert Ranieri, Carolyn Dolan, Diane Knoblauch)