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Attorney Referral Program and Website Banner Advertisements

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Call for Sponsors

Sponsorships are a great opportunity to contribute to the success of the conference while marketing your company to a highly targeted audience of nurse attorney professionals. It is through your continued support of TAANA that we are able to provide current and exciting information to our members. There are still plenty of sponsor opportunities available! If you are interested in supporting TAANA, please contact the Executive Office at (877) 538-2262.

Advertising Guidelines

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys seeks and accepts commercial support for its activities, including but not limited to sponsorship of, and exhibits at, continuing education events, print advertising and website advertising.

  1. TAANA will enter into relationships with members of industry to receive financial support from a corporation only if it does not pose a conflict of interest and the acceptance of such support in no way adversely impacts the objectivity of TAANA, its members, activities, programs, or employees.
  2. Participation in a corporate relationship does not in any way imply TAANA endorsement of that corporation’s product or services nor does it imply approval of that corporation’s policies and procedures.
  3. Participation in a corporate relationship does not in any way imply that TAANA will exert any influence to advance that corporation’s interests. Corporations should clearly understand that the corporation does not have any influence over any decision of TAANA as a result of its commercial support.

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