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The American Association
of Nurse Attorneys
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What is a Nurse Attorney

A Nurse Attorney is an individual who is licensed to practice both nursing and law. The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) is a non-profit organization made up of attorneys, students, and others interested in legal issues as they relate to the health care industry.

TAANA provides resources, education, and leadership to its members and the health care and legal communities regarding health law and policy.

Nurses Service Organization (NSO)

Client referrals and business development from professional partners such as NSO, TAANA colleagues, website visitors, marketing materials for TAANA and other professional conferences.

Vision Statement

Advocating excellence and creating opportunities for nurse attorneys.

Mission Statement

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) provides resources, education and leadership to its members and the healthcare and legal communities.

  • To promote and enhance TAANA and the profession of the nurse attorney
  • To provide educational programs, products and services to members, chapters and the public
  • To facilitate communication, collaboration and leadership among members
  • To serve as a resource for the healthcare and legal communities


At TAANA, we believe in the fundamental values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We reject all forms of racism.

These values are at the core of who we are as both nurses and attorneys, and guide and empower us as an organization.

We celebrate the dedication of our diverse membership and support the unwavering commitment to educate and passionately advocate for equity, and the respect and dignity of each individual.

TAANA Advocacy

TAANA takes positions on health care legal issues in the form of position papers and amicus briefs. TAANA's positions have been cited in court documents and scholarly publications and are available below.

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TAANA Testimonials

"I began my career as a pediatric nurse. After seeing the inequalities in healthcare I decided to attend law school and I could not have finished without the inspiration and determination I gained from the nurse attorneys of TAANA. This organization inspired me and molded my career as a nurse attorney."

Kathleen M. Kearney, JD, MSN, RN
Attorney, Registered Nurse and Member of TAANA for over 15 years
Dallas, Texas

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